California Black

 We are a Barcelona Sunglasses brand.




A lifetime passion for discovering and collecting Vintage finds it's stage in two stores located in the center of Barcelona, where open to the public and affordable you'll find Wilde's Vintage Sunglasses Collection. The project of the Wilde stores are an exiting part of our work; funiture , art, and objects  came from many places to make a unique space, the stores.

Wilde Vintage Sunglasses become an important reference in Europe. 

Wilde's Vintage collection is a result of 18 years collecting  unique pieces, picked individually for their aestetic value, delivering quality and criteria.  A long term devotion gathering sunglasses and valuable objects of interest discovered in urban auctions, shops, private collections and a variety of secret sources over the world defines their methodology to uncover under-served needs. "Pick and purchase one by one".  That's how we work.


Round by Wilde Sunglasses.





Six years ago we start the process to create our own designs.

We design and produce our sunglasses "one by one" through small collections. The  production was open with the referance of 50's craftmanship, traditional technique, quality and premium materials.



Our sunglasses are made by strong build and by hand.

We work with the top of the line italian acetate to produce a especial object. Each Wilde Sunglasses have his own story, name and combinations. We have this view sense and love for the classics. We work to be a reference for a new-minded people.