Wilde Sunglasses first DOWN SEASON Sale 2020.

Take me with you!. We are offering a 30% off in every order during one week.
The discount is active and is automatic for only those days, to be used in any order in our online store. Limited to be used for one single order and up to (maximum) of 3 frames.

30% off over every single order will appear in an automatic way in your cart before to complete the order.

Will not be necessary to use any discount code. The 30% discount will appear automatically in each order upon arrival at the shopping cart and before the end of the process.




Covid_19 related information.

Dear Wilde Sunglasses Customers,
The purpose of this information is to let you know how the COVID-19 crisis is impacting Wilde Sunglasses and what we are doing to temporarily modify our operations related with it.
We are trying to provide whatever support we can to our Wilde community during this most special time. While we aren’t in a position to help solve this situation, We believe we can bring moments of enjoy to many of you through our products and communications.
Keep Our team and customers save is for the moment our top priority. Our Stores in Madrid and Barcelona are starting to be open, we will keep you all updated about future. We have Our hot new collection is just waiting for you now.
Wilde Sunglasses is open ON-LINE.
With certain limitations related with delivery, We continue our normal sunglasses offer online. Each order will be revised with detail in terms of delivery in order to see if exist limitations in the final destinations. In each case, every order is totally secure and in the case that delivery companies can’t serve the product to your location the order will be ( like always) save, and 100% refund.
Other side, our team could help you in a on-line way with any question about orders, delivery, exchanges that you may have. Just please contact Us by using our contact form, We will be happy to get back to you.
Soon We will get back to our normal lives and the sun will hit Strong again our Wilde Sunglasses.
Stay well and save and keep moving forward.
Wilde Sunglasses Team
Photo Credits:
Photo by Steven Wright on Unsplash