Framed Gang, the new cathedral of vision in Barcelona

16 enero 2021

Framed Gang, the new cathedral of vision in Barcelona

Eyeglasses have long since ceased to be a mere accessory and have become what they are today, an essential element of health and style for the eyes, now more exclusive than ever in the city of Barcelona.

Article by Clara de Nadal Trias.

Located in Rosselló Street 283 bis, Framed Gang wants to be a reference space for the customer, where you can find very exclusive glasses and less commercial brands such as those that already stand out in their windows: Soya, Kaleos, Andy Wolf, Alfred Kerbs, GiGi Studios, Izipizi, Mis Lupas (of ribbons and special accessories for the glasses), Annu and District Vision (exclusively in all Spain) and soon Wilde (a local brand of glasses with 12 years in the market, with a very marked rocker and daring identity and with a price according to its great quality) which will be the first brand with a specific corner in the store.

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