Save The Day 2012.

29 November 2013

Provide a wide range of the highest class artists, durnig the daytime in a unique urban venue.” Based on this premise, that has already become its identity hallmark, comes Save The Day 2012.

After four consecutive years and under the tutelage of Struments Records, Save The Day will be one of the most attractive shows during the Sonar week in Barcelona, bringing some of the most exiting dj sets and live acts of these days' electronic scene to the terrace of the singular and exclusive W Hotel. This will be divided into two diferent stages.

The week will be charged sonar special events, but what we are preparing the kids say day in the W hotel will be really special, have since the beginning of the year organizing and selecting people who will be leaving this afternoon to hear the best of their repertoire , Wilde Sunglasses invited to participate with our collection hand made Barcelona.

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