The Wilde, the Bad & the Ugly!

26 November 2013

Die Kooperation von Wilde Vintage und Fine.Sets geht in die nächste Runde! Am Freitag um 18 Uhr gibt's den „The Wilde, the Bad and the Ugly" Trailer!

Crew & Cast

Producer: Marco A. Petzold / Jan-Niclas Petzold
Director/Editor: Ivan Tomás Félez
DoP: Pau Roca Catalá
Music: Jochen Eickenberg
Vocals : Minerva Diaz Perez
Costume: Raquel Gibanel
Props: Anna García
Make-Up: Anna Candel / Felipe Martinez Rubio
Actor / The Wilde: Marcello Finimundi
Actor / The Bad: Teppei Kikugawa
Actor / The Ugly: Ricardo Mestres

La colaboración de Wilde Vintage con fine.sets The Wilde, the Bad & the Ugly!" /





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